Apart from optical characteristics, the application of flock has a large number of technical characteristics. Various technical characteristics are used for problem solving.


Parts which rub each other make noise (Squeak). By using flock, various rubbing parts move smoothly and quietly against each other. Flock is also a solution for heavy loads.

Example applications: sliding roof parts, elevator parts, machine parts.

Absorption of sound

Flocking creates an increase in surface area. The raised fibres provide a 3D surface with air between the fibres. This makes for a soundproofing layer. In addition, flock is highly suitable to apply onto soundproofing material (foam) and to enhance the proofing characteristics. Noise, for example caused by vibration, is also eliminated by flock.

Example applications: acoustic items, automotive storage compartments, cutlery

Protection from condensation and heat

Flock realises a huge increase in surface area which delays heating. Condensation occurs at a temperature difference of 14 degrees compared to the ambient temperature. Flock can ensure a delay in temperature rise. Burning of parts which are otherwise too hot is thus countered.

Example applications: copiers, air conditioning, sauna construction, machine parts

Optical and tactile enrichment

A flocked product is highly appealing. A "velvet" look and feel makes for a more luxurious product experience. A large diversity of colours provides a unique identity. Items consisting of different materials become a whole after being treated with flock.

Example applications: plaster replacements, interior parts, printing, (book)covers, greeting cards

Absorption of light

Light hardly reflects because of the raised fibres. This creates an intense colour perception. When using black flock, light is absorbed to the utmost.

Example applications: rally sport, cameras, copiers

Scratch protection

By using flock on the proper material, the correct thickness and length, products that are easily damaged can be transported and packaged without damaging them.

Moving parts are protected from scratches by flock.

Example applications: conveyors, window rubbers, packaging materials

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